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Hello, we are Rob and Joli 🙂

We’re newlyweds, adventure travelers and lovers of life —
taking on the world, one dipkiss at a time! ♥

Dipkiss Travels is a couples travel and lifestyle blog, all about our adventures and misadventures around the world. We love sharing our passion and our goal is to inspire more people to chase your travel dreams!

We know it’s not always easy or cheap to travel — but through this blog, we’ll help you explore this beautiful world through unique, practical and often, romantic ways!

We’re so grateful to have been featured in 400+ major publications worldwide — TV, print and online.

Our personal travel style is “splurging on a budget,” trying to get the best experience in every country we visit without breaking the bank.

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Boracay, Philippines

About the Dipkisses

In 2013, right around the time when everyone was taking jump shots, we thought about creating our own “signature pose” just for kicks.

On a whim, we decided that the “dipkiss” should be it, and after more than a countries later, we now have quite a collection of photos!

We spent a large chunk of our relationship as a long distance one. So we had to “meet halfway” in different countries and cities every few months to be able to hug and kiss each other in person. Collecting these dipkiss photos became one of our ways to cope with our situation.

For sometime now, these photos were only shared with friends and family. Until recently, we were still a bit shy about sharing these photos. Now, we’re happy to share our little project to the world — to help inspire folks to travel, preferably with someone you love!

Monserrat, Catalonia, Spain

Who are we?

Rob is a country boy originally from a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, USA. Joli is an island girl from the suburbs of Manila, Philippines.

We met at a meetup party for travelers in the Philippines years ago. After a few years of messaging each other online, we started a long distance relationship so traveling also became our way to meet…in different parts of the world.

Now, our long distance relationship is over and we are finally married — we are newlyweds looking to explore the world, one dipkiss at a time!

Rob has been to 6 continents, 49 U.S. states and almost 50 countries, while Joli is at 6 continents, 29 U.S. states and almost 40 countriesTogether, we’ve been to more than 20.

Rob works as an engineer and Joli is in corporate communications. Joli is the main author and webmaster of this blog, while Rob is the primary photographer.

Currently, our home base is in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC, USA. 

Aside from traveling, we both love cooking, geek news, documentaries and photography.

Golden Triangle — Thailand, Laos and Myanmar border

Why do we love to travel?

We believe that every place in the world is a lovely one worth exploring!

We love that travel is a humbling experience that teaches you so much about different people & their cultures. And in the process, it also helps you reflect on yourself & your own culture.

There is so much amazing diversity on this planet yet at the same time, we are all the same at our very core. Before we are a race, a gender, a nationality or an occupation, we are first, human beings who want the best for our families.

Teotihuacan, Mexico City

How do we travel so much?

Ask our family & friends — they know that we live VERY frugally in our everyday lives to be able to travel this much.

Since meeting each other, we’ve tweaked our lifestyle to be more focused on spending our money on experiences and less on material things. If you’ve ever heard that quote “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – we strongly believe in that. The thrill from material things fade away but memories last forever.

When we’re tempted to buy something extravagant, we always think to ourselves, “Do I want that, or a plane ticket?” Obviously, the plane ticket wins a majority of the time!

Why did our story go viral?

We think a lot of people are inspired by our story since a lot of them can relate to it.

Many of them may have had to overcome their own challenges for the ones they love. In our case, our main challenge was physical distance, for others, it might be illness, cultural or religious differences, or other conflicts. Our main goal is to show people that despite the odds, if you love someone enough, you should fight for them. In the end, true love will persevere.

Causes we love

We are passionate about supporting causes such as the National Park Service and UNESCO, both of which protect our world’s natural resources and cultural heritage, so we may share all these wonderful places with generations to come.

Our wedding day, June 2017 – photo by Riverlight Films

we’ve always loved to travel,
we met while traveling,
we’ve continued to travel together ever since…

… now we want YOU to join us on our adventures!