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About the Dipkisses

In 2013, right around the time when everyone was taking jump shots, we thought about creating our own “signature pose” just for kicks.

On a whim, we decided that the “dipkiss” should be it, and after more than a dozen countries later, we now have quite a collection of photos!

We spent a large chunk of our relationship as a long distance one. So we had to “meet halfway” in different countries and cities every few months to be able to hug and kiss each other in person. Collecting these dipkiss photos became one of our ways to cope with our situation.

Initially, these photos were just shared with friends and family. Until recently, we were still a bit shy and embarrassed about sharing these photos. Now, we’re happy to share our little project to the world — to help inspire folks to travel, preferably with someone you love!

Here are just a few of our favorites… more to come!

All photos taken by the couple unless otherwise stated. 

Lisbon/ Belem, Portugal

Belem, Portugal (2) dipkiss

Barcelona, Spain
Casa Batllo

Washington, DC
Cherry Blossom Festival

DC Cherry Blossom Photoshoot (1)
Photo by Riverlight Films

Boracay Island, Philippines 

Chocolate Hills, Philippines 

Chocolate Hills

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Hot Air Balloon Festival - sky

White Sands, New Mexico 

White Sands (1)

Monument Valley, Utah / Arizona 

Monument Valley

Orlando, Florida
DisneyWorld’s New Year’s Eve Celebration


Dubai, UAE 


Milan, Italy

Milan (2)

Moscow, Russia – Proposal (2016)

Our wedding day — with our loving friends & family — Pennsylvania, USA (2017)

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