10 Signs You’re Totally Travel-Obsessed

In case you didn’t notice by now (the photos should’ve given it away, really) – we’re a couple obsessed with traveling.

We met while traveling. We’ve traveled ever since we got together. And now that we’ve gotten married, our obsession has only gotten worse.

But we doubt we’re alone, we know there are others like us out there. No need to be ashamed.

If you think you have a travel addiction too, why not check out the list below and see if you might also be a travel addict!

10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Traveling

1. You’re already daydreaming and planning your next trip…while you’re still on your current trip!
2. You change your cover photo into a shot of a stunning landscape every time you visit another country
3. When someone asks you “how was your last vacation/trip?”, you respond with “which one?”
4. When you’re not traveling, you’re watching videos on YouTube or Facebook about your dream destinations
5. You can recite and reenact the entire airplane safety demo by heart
6. You’ve signed up to get regular emails about travel sales and specials
7. Your house looks like a museum of travel knick-knacks and souvenirs
8. You keep a ‘country count’ or a ‘state / province count’
9. You love meeting people from other countries and telling them about all of the places you visited or plan to visit in their country
10. You’re constantly checking out the calendar for the next holiday or long weekend.

What do you think? Do you think you too can be diagnosed as a travel addict?

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!


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  3. Jennifer Melroy

    # 3 is totally me. Where did you go on your last trip? The work one or for fun?

    I got an email from my preferred airline today. I flew over 200 hours this year. I visited 32 states plus 3 countries and 3 US territories. Plus I spent over 200 nights camping or in hotels

  4. Medha

    I can totally relate to each and every point you’ve mentioned here, especially about planning the next trip while I’m on th current one and checking the calendar regularly to see when the next long weekend is.

  5. Lauren

    Haha #3 totally strikes a chord with me! Sometimes I see my friends after a few trips and I can’t remember the last one I told them about! I’m totally travel obsessed.

  6. Suruchi

    Ha ha! Loved your post and I can say yes we are. We start discussing and day dreaming about our next trip even before finishing the one we are on. Friends usually ask how was your trip and we say which one. Actually Travel is love

  7. Samantha Sparrow

    Number four and number six are definitely me, but more than anything I’m constantly checking the next weekend or bank holiday dates, as I work full time so have to take every chance I get to travel. This is a great post – made me giggle!

  8. Ami Bhat

    Check, check and check on most. Actually 9/10. The one thing I dont do is keep a count of the places for I don’t mind the same places again. There is always something that I have forgotten and missed the last time and every visit brings out something new from the same place. In the end, its travel that we all love.

  9. Anne Slater-Brooks

    ha ha number 3 is so me. It is not uncommon for me to be thinking of or researching a trip while on a trip. Sometimes it might be because we actually meet new people who inspire us to visit new places

  10. Nisha

    You have hit the bulls eye . 🙂 For us #3 and #7 are so true. Our friends and kins who visit us often spend more time with artifacts than with us . hahaha.

  11. Meg Jerrard

    Bahaha I love this post – planning and fantasizing about the next trip in the middle of the current trip is something which drives my husband NUTS – we have very frequent “discussions” about how I need to be better at living in the moment and enjoying the present lol! And I think I can recite the airline safety video in my sleep. Like legit, I sleep talk and probably point to my nearest exit :D!

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