Reasons Why Japan is Perfect for Honeymooners

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Any engaged or soon-to-be-engaged couples out there?

Well, if you got engaged recently, first of all, congratulations! Now, the most important question you will need to ask yourself, after deciding on your wedding details, is where you’re going on honeymoon. In our case and in true Rob & Joli style, we actually planned our honeymoon before our wedding!

Your honeymoon marks the beginning of your married life, and therefore it’s something you need to celebrate in style for the two of you.

Your wedding day is a party that is designed to share the joy with your relatives and friends. But your honeymoon is a universe of intimacy, magic and new life perspectives. That’s precisely why your honeymoon needs to be something special and that you both of you really enjoy as a couple.

Sure, that the best luxury spa hotel next door may be relaxing, but if you’ve got the budget and you’re open to adventures, why not travel abroad?

The world is huge and there are so many amazing places you can visit in every continent! If you’re looking for a place with rich culture, historical sights, friendly people and mouthwatering food — one of the places we love recommending to people has to be Japan.

Here are some ways that honeymooners can learn from Japan’s traditions:


Under the cherry blossoms
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Celebrate natural beauty

The cherry blossom tree is a sign of pure beauty everywhere in the world. But in Japan, the glorious pink little flowers are not only appreciated for their look, but they are also celebrated every year with large festivals that combined delicious food and drinks as well as music.

In fact, every year, and this for several centuries, the Japanese people unite to celebrate the beauty and fragility of life. At an age where relationships are not set in stone, the parallel between the ephemeral cherry blossom and your marriage is too obvious.

However beautiful relationships are, without work, they disappear as quickly as cherry blossom tree. You can find, every year, updates on the blossoming dates from the Japanese tourism office. What better way to celebrate love than to be reminded of its precariousness?


matsumoto castle, japan, shogun, samurai
Matsumoto Castle, one of Japan’s premier historic castles
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A meaningful place

Love is beautiful; you already know that. But have you ever thought of how much work and discipline it takes to keep the flame alive?

We’re not talking about what happens in one year or two but think further down the line. No relationship works if you don’t work at it in the first place.

And that’s precisely why you want to join a cultural tour in Japan that takes you through the successful history of the most disciplined men in history: The shoguns and samurai were highly skilled rulers and warriors who defined the land of the rising sun for centuries.

Let their dedication, their discipline and their motivation encourage you in the process of building a happy family… and learn from their favourite chill out strategies, including a local brewery! Because there’s no love without fun either.


japan, geisha, honeymoon
Geisha, geiko, or geigi practice a balance of wit and elegance
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Light and quiet elegance

Everyone has heard of Japanese geishas. But what you probably don’t realise is that becoming a geisha doesn’t come naturally.

Women have to train and master their skills to become the symbol of elegance, beauty and entertainment. Geishas are entertainment hostesses who animate parties using charms and elegant sense of humour. Observing the geisha culture is the epitome of hospitality.

You don’t need to be Japanese to learn from them. Indeed, the blossom, a relationship needs to be shared with friends and relatives to create strong bonds. What better way than by learning the art of receiving your guests?

A honeymoon in Japan gives you, in concentrate notes, a taste of your life as a married couple.

From respecting love to making it work every day, and understanding how to make your guests feel comfortable, there are plenty of valuable lessons you can learn from the oldest traditions.

Where did your go or are planning to go on your honeymoon?

Would you consider Japan as a future destination?

Share them in the comments section below!


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