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In case you haven’t been to our Instagram page lately, we’ll clue you in on where we’ve been these past couple of weeks:

Yep, we were in the Philippines!!! I (Joli) scored a complimentary ticket to visit my home country, right after the holidays. Of course, I jumped at the chance to see my family and friends — most of them, I’ll be seeing for the first time since Rob and I got married.



Being that we were in the Philippines, we took the opportunity to sightsee and visit some lovely beaches as well. The thing about the Philippines is most things are CHEAP and of course, we were there to take advantage. Can you believe that our daily whole day tours in Palawan cost us $35 per person per day? Very crazy affordable, especially given that Palawan is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled island groups in the country.



We had such a memorable time! Our friends and family have been asking us more detailed info about our trip so we’ve sharing a bit on Instagram. We are planning to write a more comprehensive guide on all the places we’ve been — so definitely look out for that!

For now, please visit our Instagram page for the latest updates and content. See you on IG!



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