Why Indonesia Should Be Next On Your Travel Itinerary

If you are interested in visiting many different places in the world with different cultures, then there are a few places you will absolutely won’t want to miss out on. One particularly strong example is Indonesia, which has so much going on for itself culturally.

In fact, it is likely to be one of the main destinations for anyone who wishes to see some of the most interesting places in the world. For that reason alone, it is well worth the visit.

But what specifically about Indonesia makes it such a good place to visit?

Let’s take a look at a number of the highlights which are bound to get your travelers’ tastebuds ready for adventure and exploration.

Jakarta city skyline
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It would be downright bizarre not to include Jakarta on a list of Indonesian sights, being as it is the capital and largest city of the Archipelago.

For most travellers, Jakarta will usually be either their first or last stop, even if that is only because it is one of the easiest places to travel into and out of in the whole region. However, there is much more to it than ease of travel – it is also itself a highly cultured city full of fascinating and insightful things where you can have some pretty interesting experience, no matter what kind of thing you like to do when you are travelling.

Although a somewhat hectic and congested city, in fact for most this only leads further to its charm.

It’s definitely true that you can easily get swept away by the numbers of people in this amazing city. If you look a little deeper, however, you will find many hidden treasures, including one of the most exciting nights out in Asia and a great deal of shopping opportunities of many kinds. As with any large and major city, there is plenty to do and eat if you know where to look, although new and first-time visitors might well find that Jakarta can be particularly overwhelming at first. But if you are someone who doesn’t mind a little culture shock, you might be pleasantly surprised to see just how enjoyable it really can be.

As with any other major city, you can also expect to see some real cultural highlights, ranging from the many museums and art galleries through to the National Monument and even its own Chinatown.

There is also the world-renowned Jakarta Cathedral for those who like a little religious or spiritual ceremony in their worldly travels. There are a great many places to stay in and around the capital city too, with sites like https://www.rumah.com/tanah/disewa offering some great deals for the quick tourist or long-term visitor alike. All in all, you can expect a cheap and enjoyable time in Jakarta, and it will offer you a great introduction to the particularly unique way of life and the people themselves.

Mount Bromo in all its majesty
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Mount Bromo

Maybe you are someone who likes a little more activity in their travels. If that sounds like you, then you will want to make sure that you are keen to visit some of Indonesia’s great trekking and hiking spots, of which there are actually plenty.

One of the major ones, and a particularly famous and enjoyable one, is Mount Bromo.

This mountain range is riddled with both active and inactive volcanoes, and offers some of the most majestic views anywhere in Asia. Reaching the 2329 metre tip might not be for everybody, but no matter who you are you will probably find that you can at least take a shorter trek around some of its lower points.

This truly iconic mountain range will fill your heart with joy and might be enough to make you fall in love with Indonesia as a whole.

If you prefer, you can even ride a horse or even a jeep up to some of the higher points, so it’s not just for those who love to trek. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that it is generally an easy trek even for those who might not consider themselves to be strong walkers, or particularly good with altitudes. If you want to get a little activity in your visit to Indonesia, then visiting Mount Bromo is definitely one of the things you absolutely must put at the top of your list. Visit Tripadvisor for more on Mount Bromo.

Bali has an endless number of stunning temples
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If you have thought about going to Indonesia at any point, Bali is almost certainly one of the first places you have considered.

Bali is probably the most tourist-packed spot in all of Indonesia. For this reason, you can expect the usual combination of tourist-friendly attractions and sights, and genuine Indonesian cultural experiences, all together in one beautiful location.

Whatever you might have heard about it, based on what others have said, it remains one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.

There are too many reasons why, but probably the two major ones are there is so much to do in one space, and it’s a very safe part of the country too. The island of the gods is absolutely one of the top cultural spots not just in Indonesia, but anywhere on Earth. It also has a great historical element to it which makes it truly fascinating for anyone who wants to get to know the country a little more intimately.

Even a brief trip to Bali will be enough for you to see some incredible ancient practices of the religious and cultural kind being played out, so it is perfect for those travelers who like to really get down and dirty with the culture they are staying in.

But it’s not just the cultural wonders which make Bali such an incredible place to visit – it also happens to be incredibly beautiful to boot.

With a huge range of stunning beaches, amazing parks and other natural beauties, you can be sure of Bali being as much a feast for the eyes as anything else. What’s more, due to its sheer size, you can bet that you could spend a whole season there, and still have plenty left to explore. Bali is a great tourist destination in itself, and it could even warrant its own trip separate from the rest of Indonesia. It’s an absolute must-visit for anyone wanting to get into the culture fully and see some beautiful and amazing sights.

Raja Ampat is famous for its world-class diving sites
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Raja Ampat

Back on the exploration and adventure front, and we have yet another destination within Indonesia which you might want to consider visiting.

The beautiful islands of Raja Ampat offer plenty to the willing traveler. But one of the main things they offer is one of the best diving experiences anywhere in the world.

For anyone wanting to engage in a little extreme sports, then this could be the best option to do so in Indonesia, and one of the best in Asia too. Whether or not you have ever dived before, you will find it fairly easy to get into – especially with the many diving training spots you can find around the islands here. Even for beginners it is easy enough to get into, and pretty safe too.

Because it is a collection of around 1500 islands, you can be sure to witness some pretty amazingly extensive wildlife, especially under the ocean’s surface.

You might even feel a little spoiled for choice in terms of where you should stay and so on – but fortunately, this is only because it is one of the easier places to stay as a tourist within Indonesia. It is a truly tropical climate and a stunning setting, and you will find it one of the absolute best Asian destinations there are. Consider this for a truly original and fascinating experience.

The Komodo dragon is primarily found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo
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Komodo National Park

For those travelers who really love to see unique creatures, there is also the Komodo National Park, home to the famous Komodo dragon.

However, it’s not just this beautiful and majestic species which you can find on this beautiful Park, but it is also a refuge to around 1000 other species, all of which are pretty unique to this part of the world. If you love to see wildlife in their natural habitat, then visiting this World Heritage Site is bound to amaze you.

If you are keen on seeing something a little less well known than the Komodo dragon, you can also go and visit Pink Beach, a hidden away stunning little beach where the sands are pink in colour.

Again, you can go diving in this national park, or you can choose to go hiking or even go out for a camping weekend. However you choose to explore this beautiful part of Indonesia, you will be glad that you pushed the boat out to see it. It is a fantastic part of Indonesia which you shouldn’t overlook. This alone could be reason enough to take yourself on a trip to Indonesia some time soon.

Is Indonesia on your bucket list?

Which city or highlight would you like to visit most?

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