Loving Life in Los Angeles L.A.

LA is just amazing. One of the most amazing cities in the USA.

The vibe is electric, there’s so much there to keep yourself entertained, and you might even bump into a celeb or two along the way!

So many people put LA on their bucket list for so many different reasons. If you’ve never considered it for a holiday before, we’re going to try and convince you why you should be jetting off there asap!

Well, there should be no convincing involved. All you need are a few facts and you’ll be booking your flights in no time. Read on to find out more:


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LA Fun Things To Do

If you’re looking for something fun to do, you really don’t have to look far when it comes to LA. There’s so much to do, all you have to do is look around and you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

LA sightseeing tours run daily, so this might be something you’re interested in trying. They’re really good for spotting all the best areas. If you do something like this on your first day, then you’d get a chance to scope the area out for things such as food and drinks. The two main tourist spots are definitely the famous Hollywood sign and Hollywood Walk of Fame. The celebrity names are fun to look at, and new stars are being added each year!

Another one that people seem to love doing that’s just outside of LA, is Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. It’s the original location and just as good as the one in Florida, even if it is a bit smaller. People flock there all year round to have some fun. Just make sure you’re buying your tickets beforehand to save some money.


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Santa Monica Pier
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LA’s Location

The location is absolutely wonderful. You’ve got the perfect mix of city vibes and the beach life. So, one day you could be relaxing on the beach, maybe even sipping a cocktail, and the next you could be in downtown LA doing some major shopping.

One thing we are going to advise you is that you take a lot of money with you. You can only love life in LA if you can afford to. You’ll often be paying through the nose for things such as food, drinks, or even just a bit of shopping. However, it is the trip of a lifetime, so if you’re going, you might as well do it right. Make sure you pick your location right so you’re not too far out of everything. Some people really regret a decision like that!

LA’s Prices

We want to touch a bit more on the prices, and how you can try and get them down. One of the biggest costs you’re going to face are the flights, tours and hotels. The best way of getting this down is by booking through companies independently, rather than booking as a package holiday. Always make sure you’re buying tickets for attractions before you go. Just like at a theme park back home, the prices are so expensive, but there’s always offers to be found on the internet!

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