Choosing The Right Accommodation On Holiday

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When you are making your summer holiday plans, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is where you are going to stay.

Choosing the right accommodation for our summer getaway can make or break the stay, and there are so many different choices out there that it can be impossible to choose.

Here is our list of some of the most popular types of accommodation along with their benefits:


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The most popular form of accommodation for holidays is a hotel. A hotel is a type of building which is full of rooms, will have food facilities and also facilities for exercise and other activities. The ratings can, of course, be starkly different depending on where you stay, and this will determine the quality of the hotel. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a hotel:


– It’s convenient

Hotels are often situated in the most prime locations such as in the heart of each city. They are convenient places to stay because they will have all the amenities you need in one place and they are always in great locations.

– A getaway from everyday life

The main reason why so many people choose to stay in a hotel is that it allows you to get away from doing those menial everyday tasks which you do throughout the rest of the year. Staying in a hotel means that you don’t have to clean, you don’t need to cook and you basically don’t have to lift a finger while you are on holiday. It is a great way to break away from the stresses of daily life.

– Awesome Deals

Hotels are brilliant for family holidays in sunny locations because you will often be able to get package deals for your flights, hotel stay and all inclusive at once. This can save you a lot of money on the holiday as a whole and it can make it much easier for you to get everything you want out of the trip with your family.


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There is a lot to be said for booking a stay in a self-catering home rather than a hotel, and you can find cottages and condo for rent all over the world to suit your needs. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a self-catering holiday over a hotel stay:


– Privacy

The first benefit of choosing a self-catering home for your getaway is the privacy you can enjoy for yourself and your family. Hotels can be great, but they are often so crowded that you struggle to find a chair or a place in the pool during the day. In a cottage or home, you will have a completely private space with everything you need to live for the stay. Most place abroad will even have an outdoor pool which you will have to yourself during your stay.

– Cheaper

Although you will have to pay for your own food during your time away, it can actually work out much cheaper to book a stay in a self-catering home than a hotel. This is because you won’t be paying for the service charges or drinks at the bar every night. Buying a food shop as you would do at home will allow you to buy crates of beer and bottles of wine you can all enjoy at home.

– More freedom

Hotels will often have set breakfast times and set dinner times which you have to stick to if you want to eat that day. But this can mess up your day plans and make it difficult for you to go out in the evenings and simply enjoy the weather. When you stay in a self-catering home, you can eat whenever you want, and you can always just eat out for the night if you don’t want to cook. It is much less constrictive and will allow you to take things day by day on your holiday.


bed & breakfast


A bed and breakfast is sort of a mash-up between a self-catering home and a hotel. It is much cozier and warm, there will usually only be 4-5 rooms in the building and you will all have breakfast together in the morning. Here are some of the plus points for a bed and breakfast:


– Atmosphere

If you love nothing more than to meet new people and sit down by the fire at the end of a long day, a bed and breakfast is the perfect type of accommodation for you. They are ideal for short weekend breaks in different cities or villages. They give you the perfect opportunity to live a calm and simple life for a while.

– The people

The main advantage of a bed and breakfast is the fact that you get to meet some incredible people and you will likely come home with a few great friends. If you are naturally a very sociable person, you will have a field day talking to the owners and getting to know the other guests in the home.

– The food

As the name suggests, the price of a room will often come with a free breakfast included. However, if you don’t want a breakfast, you can go for a room without it. Some also offer a dinner option which is served at a certain time in the evening. So if one day you fancy staying in for your meal, you can head downstairs and enjoy a home-cooked meal.


camping, campsite


Camping is something which appeals to all ages and will often be the accommodation of choice for the adventurers amongst you. Here are the main advantages of staying at a campsite this year:


– Simple life

For some of us, there is no better way to spend the summer than getting away from the big city and enjoying the peace and serenity of the countryside. Camping offers a simple way of life with no TV, computers and no technology at all. It is the perfect way to cleanse your body and mind and become refreshed for when you do come back to work.

– Freedom

Camping is a type of accommodation which offers a sense of freedom which no other accommodation does. When you book a spot at a campsite you can simply pack up your things, head over and set up camp whenever you are ready. If you decide you want to travel to another campsite the next night, there is nothing stopping you from packing up and heading off. If you love to travel and see new places, then this is the ideal way to do it.

– Price

Rather than spending hundreds on a hotel stay, you can spend significantly less by simply booking a space on a campsite. All you need to do is buy yourself a tent and some camping equipment and you have the tools to go on holiday, every single year for the rest of your life. It is a great option for a big family,–if you don’t have much of a budget. It’s also a great way to teach the kids about the great outdoors.

– Adventure

Another thing that sets camping apart is that sense of adventure that we could never get anywhere else. Being out in the wild brings us back to our roots and allows us to explore a more primitive way of life. It is a great way to explore the most stunning places on Earth and you can often book a stay on the grounds of a national park.


How about you?

What’s your preferred type of accommodation? And why?

Share any fun tips that you have!


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  1. Bethany Birch

    My friend is planning a road trip for next summer, though she isn’t sure which kind of boarding she’d like to use. I love the idea of a bed and breakfast, as it will help her make more friends–especially since she talks so much. I’ll share this article with her so she can decide which accommodations best fit her needs. Thanks so much for the great insights of this article!

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