Five Idaho Experiences for Your Next Quirky Trip

You are always looking for unexpected hidden gems to explore on your next adventure.

Even if you have traveled all around the world and seen some of the most iconic landmarks, historical cities and cultural sights in your life, it is sometimes even more exciting to go back to basics and discover somewhere completely different.

You have traveled to many amazing US states, but Idaho is yet to be ticked off your list. You have heard some incredible things about it and you are thinking of making it a pit stop on your next US road trip. Well, you know what, there are a ton of fun activities you can do when you get there and awesome places for you to stay during your vacation!

Check out these five fantastic experiences you could be doing when you arrive in Idaho:

1) Sandpoint City Beach

If you’re going to Idaho you can’t miss out on a visit to Sandpoint City beach. Not only will you have scenic views of the beautiful lake, but there are also a ton of activities on offer around there too. From volleyball courts to basketball areas you will have an awesome time if you’re into sports. If you’re looking for a super close place to rest your head, then the Best Western Edgewater Resort is the ideal place for you. If you opt for a ground floor room you will be able to stroll right out to the beach in a couple of seconds! Equally, a top floor elegant room will provide you exquisite views of Lake Pend Oreille so you can’t go wrong.

2) The Lovely Lake

Rent a boat on the lovely Lake Pend Oreille and experience thrilling water sports like you have never known anywhere else. Their customer service is renowned for being top notch around the lake so you might want to schedule in a second day on the water, just because they are so friendly around there.


3) Cedar Grove Scenes

If you love immersing yourself in nature then you certainly will want to see scenes of the one-hundred-acre Ross Creek Cedar Grove. Bursting with stunning cedar trees, some of which are approaching five hundred years old you can hike along a specially allocated path and take in the breathtaking forest. It is a fairly long walk, almost five miles so be sure to carry water with you and wear comfortable footwear too.


4) Super Schweitzer Mountain

For another action-packed day head to the famous Schweitzer Mountain resort where you can ski and snowboard until your hearts are content. Look into their packages and find the right deal to suit you. They also offer lessons for beginners so don’t be afraid to try something new!


5) Lights, Camera, Action

The Panida Theatre is a small but awe-inspiring place to absorb the local culture. Depending on the schedule you might see comedians, local theatre groups, vocal ensembles and jazz musicians. If you are the stagey type then you won’t want to miss out on this experience.

From the beautiful beach to the terrific theatre experiences, you will come home with memories to last a lifetime if you make a mini trip out of your Idaho pit stop. It’s an unexpected place to put on your bucket list, but it surely won’t be a disappointing one; get ready for laughter, adventure and relaxation all rolled into one.


Have you been to Idaho? Any tips?

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