How to apply for a Canadian tourist visa online (for Filipinos)

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O Canada! How much do I love thee, eh?

Let me count the ways… It’s the land of picturesque landscapes, hockey, maple syrup, poutine, the Justins Bieber and Trudeau. It’s also home to a thriving Filipino community, and the nicest, most welcoming people on earth! Oh yes, I dare you to come visit it to believe it!

I first visited Canada in 2010, my first ever visit to North America.

Back then, you had to submit your visa application by mail. What’s unusual was that even Filipino passport holders didn’t have to make a personal appearance at the embassy – VERY surprising for a developed country, I know…

Sample Visa. CC Source: Canadian goverment

Now though, you can now also submit your Canadian visa application — completely online!

Fair warning – it might seem like a long and meticulous process at first. But really, all you need to do is: (1) Have complete requirements and (2) Follow all the instructions. The Canadian embassy still does not require interviews and personal appearances for most cases; however, they are very thorough when it comes to examining paperwork.

In my opinion, you really don’t need to pay a travel agent at least Php 2,500 or more to apply on your behalf. The user-friendly system is easy enough that you can save money just by doing it yourself!

Interested in applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa in the Philippines?

Just a few months ago, I personally experienced the ease of applying through the completely online portal on behalf of my parents (both Philippine passport holders). For those of you who also want to visit the Great White North, check out my step-by-step guide below on How to Apply for a Canada Visa in the Philippines. Hope this helps! – Joli

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Banff, Canada — Photo by: Tobias Alt

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